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Some Character information and background for the Zombie Gam

Mon Feb 19, 2007 10:54 pm

Chris, this is what I have in mind;

Name: Dewayne Jay “Sonny” Path-killer

Profession: Mechanic and “jack of all trades” (blue collar)

Background: Granddad was a Moon shiner, Grandma was full blood Cherokee, Mom was a nurse, and Dad was a stockcar driver. Sonny grew up hunting, fishing and working on cars. After two years of studying drafting in collage, sonny dropped out to work in a paint and body shop. He also makes extra money working as a shade-tree mechanic and a free lance carpenter. Sonny has a broken nose from a man who thought his wife was “seeing that redneck Indian.” Sonny was innocent, but it was easier to fight first and explain him-self later. He normally wears a baseball cap, denim shirt or western shirt with the sleeves removed, jeans and army boots.
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