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Trail of Cthulhu Notes

Sat Feb 09, 2013 1:46 am

  • Shadow people (soul vampires) were able to infiltrate our world due to the overlapping of dimensions.
  • Mysterious petroleum millionaire in Tulsa produced a ballet to originally overlap the dimensions. (unresolved)
Tomes and Spells
  • Songs of the Shadow People {Babylonian}
  • - Call the Shadows (Summon)
  • - Protection from Shadows (Ward)
  • Anciens Mythes Egyptiens sur les Autres Dimensions
  • - Cleave Dimensions
  • Claire Charbonneau - Oklahoman Ballerina, moving to a Chicago theatre company. Recognized Shadow Songs from Ballet produced by Tulsa Millionaire.
  • Sam - Runs occult bookstore and speak-easy
Ongoing Effects
  • Checkers - Obsession centered around Elanor (his trombone). Can only use two pool points of Art when playing Elanor, and can only use his two Cthulhu Mythos points when Elanor is present.
  • Wilhelm - Selective Amnesia (doesn't remember serving the German Army in WWI); Phobia of the dark; Missing pinky finger
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