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Cthluhu video game

Thu Nov 02, 2006 5:33 pm

I got this from this review of the best video game levels of all time. This one is about the XBox Cthluhu game, but I wanted to share it because it sounds about like a standard game of Cthluhu:
The main character has spent the entire day walking around the more-than-a-little-creepy town of Innsmouth. He's been denied any information from pretty much every single character he's met, and still hasn't got any real leads on the disappearance of a young city boy. So, what else to do but go to sleep in the local motel? Suddenly, in the middle of the night, you're awoken by nearly every single person in the village beating down your door with an intent to kill you. Considering you don't actually have a gun at this point of the game, you're forced to run from room to room, barricading and locking doors in a frantic attempt to hold off your attackers. I can say with confidence that this level is one of the most intense I have ever played: from the music, to the sound effects (not only of the townsfolk's murderous screams, but also your character's terrified, labored breathing) to the way the doors shudder from each pound, you literally become terrified for your life as you attempt to flee from the crazies.

Then a few hours later, you're given a gun and the entire game goes to hell.

But still, that one level is really g*dd**n good.

For More Fun: Sit quietly and try to imagine what the rest of the game would have been like had the developers not been forced to turn it into a generic FPS halfway through.
When I first read it, though, I assumed this meant the situation went to hell, not the quality of the game...
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