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Episode 6, part 1: Elegy for a Hutt

Sat Jul 18, 2015 11:50 am

When we last saw our heroes, they were traveling through hyperspace to heroically deliver sorely needed swoop bike parts to the planet Rodia. Alas! Tragedy struck mid-flight when, unbeknownst to the sleeping crew but knownst to our plucky yet psychopathic droids, the Sidewinder struck a piece of ship debris also traveling through hyperspace, knocking the ship off-course. This caused Captain Chase Sanders and his comrades to continue their medically induced sleep by four times what they had originally planned stretching their trip to Rodia to a full galactic month!

They were hailed upon entering the system by Uncle Greedy who informed Chase that the contract with the unnamed NPC had been broken when the parts had not been delivered in time but the penalties had been paid off by Uncle Greedy himself, with the stipulation that Chase and crew fulfill a contract to retrieve the remains of Jabba the Hutt (deceased) and deliver said remains to the planet Nal-Hutta.

All of the Sidewinders hardy crew remained asleep, including Rook, who should have woken up but had a project he was doing or something remained in a medically induced sleep, so Chase tasked himself to find an even hardier crew! He may have found the first member of that crew in the form of Mon Calamari Bounty Hunter, Ihtom [indecipherable last name goes here]! Two things of note about Ihtom: he is a Mon Calamari who Hunts Bounties, not a Hunter of Bountiful Mon Calamaris (which would be like some sort of space-fisherman?) and that he is the first Mon Calamari to willingly travel to Tatooine and get off of the ship. He is currently stranded on Tatooine without enough fare to get off planet. Also, Uncle Greedy and two of his bodyguards were there.

It is also worth noting that the Sidewinder sustained a little damage in the hyperspace collision. This amounts to an easily patched hull breach to the navigational section of the ship and a not so easily fixed hit to the navigational computer. Peg was supplementing the navigational computer until it could be properly repaired. The mechanical bucking bantha was still fully operational and provided minutes of entertainment for the Rodian bodyguards.

Upon arriving on Tatooine, Chase located a swoop bike mechanic/dealer/enthusiast who purchased some of the swoop bike parts for credits and for full ownership of one of Phil's trucks. Phil's truck can accommodate a Hutt, which is one of the specifications that Chase made when asking about a truck-like vehicle. The truck cannot take turns too sharply as it has a big back-end and glides around on a repulsorlift. Phil also has a tow truck if they need it but cannot loan it out or sell it. The swoop bike m/d/e has no name because the GM is quite lazy. The truck was legally signed over from Phil using one of Uncle Greedy's blank contracts that he keeps handy for such purposes.

To be continued...


Chase et al left from Phil's to that place in Mos Eisley most often memorialized in poem and song, The Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy Family Cantina. The man behind the bar reminded Chase that "we don't serve their kind here! You're two droids! They'll need to wait outside," or something to that effect. This was interesting in that Chase was indeed traveling with two droids but neither of the droids were him at that moment. Which means that the bartender is either a genius or the human equivalent of a stopped clock. Ihtom was waiting there and Chase went to join him. The fact that Chase did not immediately sit down at Ihtom's table caused a regular patron (who claimed he was wanted in twelve systems) to try to pick a fight with Chase. Chase did not take the bait, but did decide to seat himself at the table with Ihtom. After an epic battle of wits, contracts, and legally binding signatures, Chase and Ihtom left the WHSVFC with Uncle Greedy and his two bodyguards, only to be met outside by the unruly patron. The slovenly mess challenged Chase to a duel, which Ihtom accepted and finished by shooting the ex-patron dead with a single blaster bolt. This drew no attention whatsoever from local authorities, but did garner a thumbs-up from another patron looking on through a window who would have applauded if he still possessed his other arm.

After this minor dust-up, our heroes returned to the Sidewinder to dropoff the first of probably dozens of dead bodies from this trip to scenic Tatooine and retrieve Peg for services potentially needed in the location and procurement of Jabba's corpse. With the help of Ihtom, they were able to triangulate a small area of the planet where Jabba's Palace was likely to be located. (Rook's droid refused to leave the ship without his master.)

And that's where they found it! "It" being the entrance to Jabba's Palace! Chase used his words to try to convince the door sentry droid to let them, which set off its alarm and caused it to close a blast-door very slowly. Peg used his computer skills to convince the door sentry droid to open the door. All told, they found a giant dead creature (whichsmelled awful, so they didn't even go in its cell), some precious metals and gems, a photo locked in a safe of a young or small Hutt in a fez and suit, the indentation of a human's "rear-panel" cast in carbonite, some guns and blasters, armor, and the beacon signal for Jabba's Sailbarge.

Ihtom discovered that Peg has a hidden wheel he lowers down when no one is looking. Think back to all the times you waited for Peg to hobble over while you were risking your neck...

To be continued with more input from the players!

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