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Stuff from Jeff

Sat Apr 06, 2013 9:54 pm

So my cousin Jeff is looking to get rid a lot of his old stuff. I was curious if any of you would be interested in any of the following:

Minis - seems I don't have as many as I thought, maybe 30 or so, some are from D&D some are from other games, and many we borrowed from other places to use in lieu of proper figures - (all enemy minis are plastic, one is handmade, hero minis are a mix of plastic and whitemetal)
DM screens, manuals and references (not sure where my box of psionic spell cards went)
Original AD&D game book! (a little worse for wear but a collectable)
All three 2nd edition manuals
Tons of Dark Sun setting manuals, adventures and rule expansions
3rd edition monster manual
Also, I am selling my big World of Warcraft Board game if you are interested, even if you just want it for the hundred plus handpainted minis.

I'm considering taking him up on the WoW game, for the minis, as well as the other minis. I didn't know if anyone wanted the old manuals or the game for the game itself. I thought I would ask before he and I met up this weekend. He lives in New Orleans, so I kind of need to know quickly.
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