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3025 Battletech Company Source PDFs

Sat Aug 15, 2015 7:30 pm

(The story bible for 1888 is off getting notes, meanwhile I'm fiddling with another fun project)

I'm building some amusing Battletech 3025 Company Briefings in cooperation with a local Btech gamer that plays Alpha Strike with me.

I dunno if you guys ever read any of the ancient 3025 unit sourcebooks, but they would profile a famous company (The Black Widow Company of Wolf's Dragoons, or McKinnon's Raiders of the 7th Crucis Lancers) of a dozen mechwarriors, a brief unit history, and some scenarios.

Of course, there were never nearly enough of these little books, and the old examples sell for a fortune on eBay. For fun, I'm building up some company profiles for 3025 units that never got a sourcebook. The intent is to make some of these and have a graphic designer friend make them look decent, then give them away as free downloads to the Battletech International group.

The bios are really short, just a paragraph or so, with some data on the 'mech - family heirloom, rambling wreck, etc. Reference data on the Battlemechs, units, and history can always be found on http://www.sarna.net as needed.

So, if you'd like, you can make up a Mechwarrior. I've already picked the 'mechs based on miniatures I have, I figure we can always set up some terrain and photograph some minis as illustrations for the PDFs. Basically, I'm looking for a name, a personality, a dash of history, and maybe a suggestion of appearance. (I may sketch all the mechwarriors if I have time). I've filled in a couple of the officers with preliminary details, but figured I'd share the fun of the other mechwarriors to any of the rest of you who wanted to use (or re-use) a character.

An example from the old sourcebooks is here:
https://i.warosu.org/data/tg/img/0261/1 ... 904311.png

I'll be imitating that format as close as I can.

The two units I'm working on right now:

House Steiner
10th Skye Rangers, 2nd Battalion, Fox Company
(Needs a catchy name, like the Black Cats, etc)
The Company runs on the strength of its Sergeants. The Officers are mostly adequate, but the veteran NCOs keep the Lances together and are often responsible for creating and executing tactical and strategic plans.
Ritter Lance
Hauptmann Gerhardt Ritter - BNC-3S Banshee: Wealthy young heir to a County on Skye; social officer with strong family connections. Lyran Loyalist. Bit of a scoundrel; duelled on Solaris. Actually a very skillful Mechwarrior but not a great field commander. Ladies man and eligible bachelor. Uses his personal fortune to keep the company in top shape.
Sergeant Major Kian MacPhereson - ARC-2R Archer: Scottish, fiery Skye Seperatist. The tactical mastermind behind the company. Should be an officer but lacks the political connections and reliability. Unlikely 'buddy cop movie' friends with the Hauptmann.
Senior Corporal ?? - ZEU-6S Zeus:
Private ?? - CN9-A Centurion:
Leutnant ?? - ARC-2R Archer:
Staff Sergeant ?? - TDR-5S Thunderbolt:
Corporal ?? - TDR -5SS Thunderbolt:
Private ?? - COM-2D Commando:
Leutnant ?? - GRF-1N Griffin:
Sergeant ?? - GRF-1N Griffin:
Corporal ?? - COM-2D Commando:
Private ?? - WSP-1A Wasp:

House Davion
7th Crucis Lancers, 1st Battalion, Beta Company
(Needs a catchy name, like the Black Cats, etc)
The Company is aggressive and mobile, tactically excellent but runs risks. Officers are excellent; men are well motivated, but often the Company is called on to do more than they can handle. So far, they've been lucky.
Assault Lance
Captain Sterling Masters - VTR-9B Victor: The Captain's family hold a Barony on Argyle, and have served with the Lancers for centuries. Perpetually in debt, the Captain looks to his posting with the Lancers to save the family from financial ruin. An aggressive officer who prefers maneuver and close assault tactics. Lucky in the field, but unlucky at cards. Twice denied promotion for incidents of duelling with fellow officers. (swords and pistols) A skillful company commander with a reckless streak.
Sergeant Ash Nichols - VTR 9B Victor: A cold and ruthless mechwarrior, who holds only the Captain as a close friend. Once considered a beautiful young lady with a promising career; however her family fell into disgrace after the death of her father at Mallory's World, where he failed to protect First Prince Ian Davion from Kurita troops. The Sergeant became cold and withdrawn, and gained a reputation for vindictiveness; hunting down and killing the pilots of a pair of Capellan Catapults who killed her previous Corporal.
Corporal ?? - CPLT-C1 Catapult:
Private ?? - ENF4R Enforcer:
Heavy Lance
Leftenant ?? - BLR-1G Battlemaster
Sergeant ?? - WHM-6D Warhammer 'Betty':
Corporal ?? - WHM-6D Warhammer 'Lone Star':
Private ?? - RFL-3C Rifleman 'Sweet Oblivion':
Light Lance
Leftenant ?? - WLV-6M Wolverine:
Sergeant ?? - VLK-QA Valkyrie:
Corporal ?? - VLK-QA Valkyrie:
Private ?? - LCT-1V Locust:
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