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Tenchi Imperium

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Tenchi Imperium

The Tenchi people are a proud race whose lives are shaped by the will of their emperor. Emperor Hinote has led his people for over one hundred years. Taking the thrown of Emperor at the young age of 20 he has proven through war and peacetime to be the greatest leader of the Tenchi people.

The military leader of the Tenchi is the emperor's best friend, Shogun Katsu. Katsu has from a very young age been given the training to be the great military leader that he is now. Renowned for being a magnificant Mecha pilot on top of his other skills he is fiercely loyal to the emperor. He has the scars to prove it. Having personally stopped three assassination attempts over the years.

Shogun Katsu has the only Tech level 8 mecha thought to exist. An ancient suit of mobile armor found enshrined on the Tenchi home world almost three hundred years ago. The Tenchi average tech level is only a 6 but they are rapidly approaching 7 with their knowledge of cybernetics and Mecha. Some of the tech on the Shogun's Mecha are so advanced that the engineers don't know how to fix it if it breaks. And after inadvertantly destroying a piece of Tech 8 equipment and the lab it was housed in they decided long ago that the only way they will learn more is through scanning and reverse engineering or the data collected. It has been a slow process but much of the recent tech in the Tenchi Imperium has come from what has been gleaned here and in other finds within the 50 ly expanse that the Tenchi control.

The Tenchi people are arranged in a loose caste system. The emperor when first placed in office after his majority made the first in a series of laws that were by many considered unfavorable by the old regime. First, any citizen of the Imperium may raise in caste based on his or her performance in the Imperium. See Articles 45453.43981.304810A through 45453.43981.304817C for details of the rules and structure of the advancement. Most citizens are pressed into service for a minimum of two years when they reach their majority. Majority is at age 16. By then school is complete and higher learning is chosen for each student based on merit.

During the rigorous testing and training period from age 16 to age 18 the students are moved from category to sub-category of their higher education.

More intelligent, athletic, and tough students of course going to the various high military programs. Many times the best of the best are trained as Samurai. Servants of the Imperium. The highest rank one can hope for. It is said that the Samurai live and die a glorious existence. Some find themselves so devoted to their work they have their bodies fused with the Mecha to which they are assigned.

Students who pass no particular aptitude are given a standard rank and trained as Infantry. People who make the military their life find that life is a mixed bag. You get land, salary, glory, fame, honor for you and your family. However, during war time one is not expected to live much past their 30th or 35th birthday. Those who obtain the rank of Samurai (officer) either through rank at majority or through actions taken in service usually live longer and are given more preference since they are officers.

Tenoyama Prime is the home world for the Tenchi people. It is also home to the Seat of the Emperor. It lies at the center of the Tenchi space.

Tenoyama is home to three fleets. The first is the emperor's personal fleet. A little understrength it is always where the emperor is...period. This royal guard is very well trained. The fleets primary objective is the protection of the emperor should he ever need to leave the seat of the Tenchi. Which has not happened in the last five years but they are always ready anyway.

The other two fleets are left in the core so that they can be a fairly quick response to threats to the Imperium.

The Tenchi has a presence on dozens of planets. Space Stations, shipyards, mining colonies. Much more.

Because the tech is so sough after only the Samurai are issued Mecha. Those who lose their Mecha are usually moved to some other position with the Samurai but unless they are favored of the Shogun they spend years waiting for a replacement suit.

Mecha range in size from only about 7 foot in height powered armor to something about 20 foot tall Mecha used in planetary drops from orbit.

The total number of fleets in the Tenchi military is unknown to people outside of the Imperium. Some say they have no more then four fleets up at a time. With shipyards being run at capacity to fill their losses. Others claim that they have 10 fleets sitting in hyperspace waiting for the call to an engagement.
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