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Balancing Weapon Stats

Sat May 12, 2007 4:42 pm

So, I was thinking of this on the way home last night. Obviously, a Damboro weapon is going to hit harder than most human weapons, but how do we balance that? How do we make it where everyone in the game doesn't want the uber-weapons. For the Damboro, it's easy -- not everyone would be able to lift it. I also thought about making them shorter range (since Damboro are going to have a negative to Dex anyway), and perhaps making them do spread damage, like a shotgun. But, how do we accomplish this with other weapons?

The way I see it, there's six ways to balance weapons:
Weapon Range
Crit Range
Crit Multiplier
Weapon Damage
Reload Time
Clip Capacity

So, my plan was to make the Damboro weapons hard hitting, but with a shorter range, and maybe a 1-round reload or something.
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Mon May 14, 2007 9:14 am

D&D already has a system for upgrading weapons by size; for example, a common handgun that deals 2d6 damage will deal 2d8 damage if built by a large race. That said, a Human would take a -2 penalty to hit if trying to shoot a Damboro pistol (unless they had the Monkey Grip feat or something). In the same vein, a Teekmijn handgun should deal a D10 (I think). (and would take a -4 penalty for using a human gun) There is a chart either in the MM, DMG, or Savage Species that shows the dice progression by size. We'll just use that. (2d6 to 2d8 may not seem like a big increase, but remember that only change you'll get as a race is a maybe a con increase?)

I realize we're dealing with many different kinds of weapons - like plasma guns and needlers and things - so I'd suggest we make all the weapons in Medium size, then apply the size templates to make them race specific.


Of course we can also apply race-specific mods to weapons. There is a huge mod section listed in the Star Wars weapon book - I suggest you just permanently apply some of those mods (Like -1 to hit for +1 to damage).
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