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Newholmian History


By 16 TC Nagul had conquered the Northern Kingdoms. He slaughtered many magic users and clerics in the process of conquering the Kingdoms. As a last ditch effort to escape his reign of terror, a wizard (from an area that would become Spaartha)by the name of Lorran went from kingdom to kingdom seeking magic users to travel with him to a distant land in search of refuge. In order to undertake this task they would have to leave kingdoms and sail through the treacherous Misten Islands before reaching the Western Ocean. They were unable to get "true" sailors or sea elves to aid them, so they had to manage it themselves. So about 225 magic users, craftsmen, and others that just wanted to escape set sail from Spaartha in several ships. As they approached the Misten Islands, they noticed a change in the weather. They sailed into a thick fog. The ships were turned around and misdirected. They could not see where they were going until they slammed into each other. When everything settled they discovered that the ships were damaged beyond repair and several people had drowned. They were now stranded. The island that they were marooned on was plush with tropical foliage and a few mountains. They used what remained from the ships as shelter. Once this was established, a small group of people set off into the interior of the island to see what secrets the island beholds for them.

Discovering the Secrets

As the small group of explorers ventured into the island, they found a river that flowed into a long, deep canyon that was covered by the surrounding vegetation. The river glistened with clear blue sparkling water. The canyon was made of weathered black/gray/white volcanic rock. As they climbed down into the canyon towards the river, a feeling that they were being watched fell over them. They followed the river to point where it disappeared into a large cave marked with tooth-like stalagmites & stalactites. As they approached the cave, a low muffled sounds resonated from the its cavernous depths. Instantly struck with fear, they fled as fast as they could back to their encampment. The group darted through the trees and underbrush, their sweat drenched cloaks flapping behind them. Gasping for their every breath, they stumbled into the camp and collapsed. When they had finally regained their composure, they told the others what they had heard and seen. As one of the explorers gestured towards the area from which they had just recently returned, a chill fell over the crowd. In the fringes of the island forest what seemed like thousand of beady red eyes stared back at them. Almost instantly the eyes leapt out from the forest right at the crowd of castaways. Hundreds of small lizard-like men rushed in on them like a pack of wild hounds. The magic users quickly launched an attack of their own by freezing, burning and electrocuting their little scaly bodies. But more still came. Those of the group that could fight did the best that they could to slay them. But more still came. A wind started to swirl in on them and a large body came to ground with a large thud. When the swirling sand settled, it seemed that the world had came to a complete stop. Standing in front of them all were four large dragons. The lizard people didn't move. The castaways didn't move. The dragons stared down both parties. Then with an intake of air, one of the dragons let out a booming roar. The lizardmen fled back into the forest. Some of them were snatched up by the mouths of a few of the dragons. The humans collapsed to the sand, cowering for their lives.

The Pact

To the castaways, dragons had been in books of legends & myths. But standing before them were 4 very large dragons. There was no sign of the lizardmen for they had all fled back to the forest. The humans had no idea what to do and they couldn't overcome the fear that ached in their bones. Finally one of the dragons knelt down and stared into the cringing crowd. He bellowed at them, "Where did you come from? Why are you here?" No one answered. He bellowed again, "Where did you come from? Why are you here?" Lorran stood up, his robes smeared with red & green blood. The dragon extended his neck towards the human. "Why have you trespassed on our island?" Lorran stood there coolly gathering his thoughts. The dragon sniffed the man. "Are you not afraid?" The other humans began to look around awaiting their inevitable death. Finally Lorran looked straight into the dragon's eyes and said, "Are you not afraid of us?" The dragon quickly drew his neck back and looked at the other dragons. Then what happened next seemed surreal. A strange sound came from the gang of dragons. What could only be described as....laughing. The lead dragon focused his attention back on Lorran. "It is true that most of you are well trained in the art of magic. It is true that you out-number us. But we are not afraid of you. You have unmistakably fallen into the trap of the mists and have been shipwrecked here as many have through the ages. But, why have you ventured to a place where very few dare go? This is no place for the weak." Lorran then explained the ordeal that they had been put through trying to escape the clutches of Nagul and what was happening to the 5 kingdoms. The dragons conversed with each other in their strange language. Then the lead dragon said that they know what it's like to be forced from a homeland and that they could live here on the island of Illarea sheltered from the outside world.

A New World

The kingdom of Newholm lived in peace for 70 years untouched by the outside world until a flying ship landed on their shore plunged them into a period of confusion, lost identity and eventually war. The people of Newholm were now aware that Nagul had been defeated many years ago and that it was now safe to leave the confines of their hidden home and people outside their island community would soon know of them too. Their little view of the world had changed within a matter of moments. It was decided at the time to send forth several ambassadors to the “old” kingdoms to learn about the fall of Nagul and the last 70 years of history since their exodus. Two months into their journey, the ambassadors sent word to Arcanaea, capitol city of Newholm on the island of Illarea, that although Nagul had been defeated years ago a new evil was threatening the kingdoms from the South. The people became worried of history repeating itself and became very panicked about the impending doom. A few high ranking Draconis Warriors, the sworn protectors of Newholm, along with a few high-profile wizards suggested that it was time for a change and that martial law should rule for the time being. This suggestion was not taken well by Chancellor Thalus and the Consort, but regrettably accepted.

The Coup

Three years later the ambassadors would return to their homeland unaware of the governmental changes. The ambassadors tell stories of the defeat of the Witch-Queen and her minions. They also tell tales of the clerics. A certain young ambassador named Marcus LeGris (known as one of the Silent Heroes) spoke of the miracles and powers possessed by clerics and that the gods had not abandoned the world as once thought by their ancestors. Magic is created by the belief in the elements. He said that he would prove this to his people, so he led a group of 8 Draconis Warriors and 8 scholar mages back to the kingdoms for enlightenment. Over the next 5 years a Draconis by the name of Reese Andean would rise to power, force Chancellor Thalus into exile, and disband the Consort. He would also have all heretics banished from Arcanaea, for he believed that magic was the source of life and power not religion. As a result of this shift in power, about half of the resident dragons would leave the islands and those that remained decided to end their allegiance with the humans and keep to themselves. Marcus and his party return with several clerics to find his kingdom in complete disarray. Marcus tries to convince Reese that he is wrong and that he is working against the ideals of the Draconis Code. Reese has Marcus, his family and his followers exiled from Illarea.

The Purification War

As a result of Marcus’s exile, many Draconis Warriors and scholar mages begin to take sides and thus the Purification War begins. Marcus gathers support to oust Reese and his followers from power and vows to restore order to Newholm. The next 3 years would be filled with magic & bloodshed. Marcus would call upon his cleric friends, the loyal Draconis Warriors and mages while Reese fought back with the dark mages and dishonored Draconis Warriors. Most of the battles were fought away from the communities on the uninhabited islands. Lightning, fire, storms, and earthquakes could be seen and heard from the battlefields on the other islands. Marcus would secretly convince the remaining dragons that his cause was worth fighting for and that with the dragons’ help they could restore balance to the kingdom. In a final battle on the Island of Bruud (known by the Draconis as the Island of Trials) the dragons would help turn the tide by surrounding Reese’s forces in a valley resulting in their surrender, but Reese escaped. Marcus tracked him to the Tomb of the Ancients where a fierce battle ensued. After what seemed like an eternity, the battle neared an end when Marcus sliced Reese’s hand off with his Bastard Sword and forced him to surrender. Just as Marcus lifted his sword to release Reese, Reese blindsided Marcus with a spell sending him sprawling. As a reaction Marcus flung his sword at Reese jamming it in his neck thus killing him and ending the Purification War. Although the war seemed like a grudge between two strong egos, it proved detrimental to the Draconis’ old ways and the Code.

Rebuilding & Marcus LeGris' Reign

Once things settled down and order was restored, it was decide that the government needed reform. Their kingdom had been founded on equality and balance among all. The Consort was reestablished and reorganized. The Draconis had overstepped their bounds and something needed to be done so that it wouldn’t happen again. Those Draconis that were left that sided with Reese Andean were excommunicated from the their ranks and forced to leave the capitol city to live on other islands or elsewhere in other capacities. The lead eight Draconis that fought along side Marcus the last 9 years were allowed to keep their ranks and from henceforth there may only be EIGHT Draconis Warriors at any time. Each Draconis will be allowed one apprentice and if that Draconis were to fall in battle, the apprentice would take the Warrior’s place and a new apprentice would be declared. As for the position of Chancellor, it was decided that since Marcus had valiantly fought for the kingdom and had been one of its greatest heroes that he would be named LordChancellor of Newholm. During Marcus’ reign he would rebuild the kingdom that was ravaged by the war, build temples to the elemental gods along with temples to Braeya, Brandt, Kath, Mishya, Chatalize, and Ianadale, and begin to establish bonds with the other kingdoms while maintaining some of Newholm’s peaceful isolation. The kingdom would flourish under his tutelage. With the increase in priests & paladins in the kingdom, a new order of the elements was established to help keep the peace on the islands. This allowed the Draconis Warriors to travel around the other kingdoms and act more as ambassadors, but returning to Newholm every few months. in 111 TC, LordChancellor Marcus disappears leaving behind his sword and a message that says “In search of the dragons to complete my destiny.”

The Lighthouse & a Rebith

Perplexed and filled with sorrow, the Consort and Draconis select a new Lord Chancellor named Eldric Verde. Eldric had served as a devoted Draconis for years and had established himself with the other kingdoms. He would continue Marcus’ ways of peace and prosperity. He would establish methods of trade with some of the nearby kingdoms and would begin construction of a great lighthouse as part of a Temple of Kylee on a small island between the islands of Illarea and Annslyn. There would be some small uprisings from the descendants of those dishonored Draconis Warriors. In Lord Chancellor Eldric’s 21st year of reign he would be assassinated, but it was never decided who had done the deed. The next Lord Chancellor would be Trevor Valenc. Not exactly known for his tact as an ambassador, but yet a good leader altogether. He is known for having great ambition and a fondness for the ways of Barloz. It is also known very early on that he strongly believes that the outside world is very dangerous and that their quiet kingdom will probably not be quiet forever. He starts talking to the Consort to repeal the law allowing only Eight Draconis at any time. Most of the members of the Consort are uneasy about getting rid of a 67-year-old law. After 6 years of debate, the Consort finally ruled to repeal the law after much convincing. It was decided that the first group to be trained would be those 4-year-olds who possess magic potential. Over the next 15 years the old ways of the Draconis were taught bringing forth a rebirth.

The Wandering Years

Years later, the islands of Newholm would be released from their magical binding, and catapulted into the sky. Long ago, the isles were enchanted flying landmasses, bound in the channel of the Gulf of Ordred by ancient Elven mages to protect their shores. With the binds removed, Newholm drifted around the continent of Eian, following the Storm Dragons or spending years over Rothgorod, building connections and alliances with the tribes there.


In 200 T.C, Newholm took part in the great war with Manath. During the final assault on Manath's Kingdom, the islands were landed in northwestern Manath, and Newholm's troops and Rothgorodian allies stormed the weakened defenses of Manath's great hold of Morag, destroying the power of that city-state utterly. The islands of Newholm were landed around the outskirts of the city, forming massive towers of stone surrounding the ancient fortress. Now four great canyons lead between the 'islands' into a new city, and Newholm's forces claim much of the northwestern peninsula.