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Marcus LeGris

Male Human Draconis Warrior/Cleric of the Elements

Born in Arcanaea, Newholm in 47 TC - disappeared 111 TC (Died in 119 TC)


Marcus was a stout man that stood at around 5’10” with shoulder length dusty brown hair, which changed to gray in his later years. He had a tanned complexion due to being outside most of his life. His eyes were a sparkling jade green with an aura of curiosity and intelligence. In his younger years he had a rugged appearance to him while in his later years he looked quite regal. He wore a reddish-orange suit of dragon scale armor given to him by his first dragon mentor Spitz. He usually wore a cloak of charcoal gray that represented his family linage, but would occasionally wear a red cloak with the Draconis emblem stitched on it. Marcus had a large scar from his childhood that ran from the inside of his left foot to the outer portion of his knee.

Possessions of Note

Marcus’s most notable possession is his admantium greatsword known as the Dragon’s Fang. This large magic sword was forged in the depths of the Vorloch, cavernous home of the dragons in Newholm. This weapon glows orange and has three magical rubies set into its hilt. It is said that the Fang deals severe damage on its victims and bursts into flame upon contact with its enemy’s flesh. Marcus also has a suit of reddish-orange dragon scale armor that protects him from certain elemental & magical damage. These possessions along with some other magical equipment of Marcus’s are said to be hidden in the vaults of the Fortis Fang, home to the Draconis warriors.


Marcus was generally a good-natured gentleman who took pride in protecting his kingdom from corruption from the outside world. As a young man, Marcus was quite adventurous, explorative, & curious. He was sometimes even too smart for his own good, but his quick thinking got him and his friends out of several messes. As he got older, his demeanor became more noble & thoughtful. Generally a soft-spoken man, Marcus would stop at nothing to protect his home, family, & friends.


Early Years

Marcus grew up in the capitol city of Arcanaea on the large island of Illarea, which is part of the island kingdom of Newholm (formerly known as the Misten Isles.) Having come from strong academic and magical lineages, Marcus was watched very closely by the members of both the Dragon and Human Council of Elders. At the age of four, Marcus was brought before both councils. The human council tested his intellectual and magical skills and they were amazed at how quickly he could adapt to new situations. His magical ability was strong, but very limited. The dragon council tested his strength, cunning, agility, and perception. The dragons were intrigued by his advanced traits at such an early age. The dragons took a great interest in his training by starting his intellectual education early. It was at this age that he began learning how to speak in certain dragon tongues, other ancient languages, and ancient history.

Many of Marcus’s exploits as a young child intrigued many of Newholm’s dignitaries. After a daring rescue of his friends from a hoard of swamp goblins on one of the outer islands at the age of six, it was decided that he would begin his training as a Draconis two years earlier than most probationary Draconis. It was obvious that Marcus was destined to be a Draconis and quickly became the leader of his class. He was well loved by his fellow probationaries with a few exceptions. Marcus worked very hard in his training, especially to show up his critics such as Trevor Valenc. At the age of eleven he took up mountain climbing, swordsmanship, and simple magic spell use. At the age of fifteen he passed the Draconis Trials (three years earlier than normal) to become a Draconis. He was commended yet again for his abilities, not only for passing the trials, but also for something referred to as “the incident.” During the trials he rescued his enemy Trevor from mortal peril. Marcus was severely injured and would bare this scar on his left leg for the rest of his life. Only Marcus, the councils, and a handful of novice Draconis knew of this “incident,” and they generally do not talk about it.

The Silent Heroes

He spent the next several years becoming better at his skills, protecting the citizens of the Newholm, and exploring the other islands. He also spent time becoming closer to his family. By the age of twenty-four he earned the rank of Talon and started to instruct probationary Draconis warriors. He became engaged to one of his father’s magic students at the age of twenty-three. She is a beautiful, enchanting girl of twenty named Katarina Beloche. In 71 TC, before they could get married, a flying ship crashed on the island causing a great panic in the community. It was discovered that the people of the Misten Isles were no longer alone in the world. They were told of an imminent danger set to befall the kingdoms again. It was decided that seven representatives would travel to the old kingdoms to explore and record new history. Marcus and Auric, his current dragon mentor, were chosen to be two of the seven ambassadors.

In 72 TC Marcus would travel to a kingdom known as Aruthien and learn of the growing threat from a region known as Murmanityed (which was to the east of Newholm.) He would join a special group of elite troops that would later be known as the Silent Heroes. They traveled through the cold northern mountains, southward into an area known as Rothgorod, traversed the Pale of Bones and the into desert lands of Murmanityed. They finally confronted the Witch-Queen in a climatic battle. During this epic battle Marcus fought a winged wolf-like creature known to be a minion of Gathal called a Guthrook. Marcus & Auric valiantly took on the guthrook as the others fought the Witch-Queen, but there was a flash of steal and Marcus & Auric were sliced in half. Darkness befell Marcus for an instant and when he opened his eyes to the light of the sun, he found himself standing in the midst of green grass on one of the Misten islands and in the presence of the goddess Chatalize. She told him that she rescued him because it was not his time to die and that he must bring religion back to his people. Marcus then summoned forth a fleet of his dragon friends and returned to Murmanityed in time to aid in the defeat on the Witch Queen’s army.

The Purification War

In 77 TC, 3 years after the defeat of the Witch Queen, Marcus would return to Newholm with the remaining ambassadors. He told his fellow Newholmers about his adventures and religion. After a year, Marcus then led a group of mages & Draconis back to the kingdoms to learn as much as they could about the old kingdoms. He would spend 5 more years wandering the kingdoms. During this time he learned as much as he could about the forgotten lore of the gods and the kingdoms’ history for the last 70 years. He convinced several priests to travel to Newholm and help him in teaching religion to his people. Upon his return in 83 TC, Marcus discovered that there had been a drastic shift in his government. His ruler known as the LordChancellor had been exiled and a corrupt Draconis had created a martial state. This change in power had caused the majority of the dragons on the islands to leave. Marcus defied his new self-appointed ruler Reese Andean and was subsequently exiled from his kingdom along with his wife and children.

Marcus’s exile was appalling to many Draconis warriors & mages. Citizens of Newholm began to take sides causing a rift in the government. The next three years would be a dark period for Newholm known as the Purification War. Marcus would gather support to oust Reese and his followers from power and vowed to restore order to Newholm. This time would be filled with great deal of bloodshed and dark magic. Marcus would call upon his cleric friends, the loyal Draconis Warriors and mages while Reese fought back with the dark mages and dishonored Draconis Warriors. Most of the battles were fought away from the communities on the uninhabited islands. Lightning, fire, storms, and earthquakes could be seen and heard from the battlefields on the other islands. Marcus would secretly convince the remaining dragons that his cause was worth fighting for and that with the dragons’ help, they could restore balance to the kingdom. In a final battle on the Island of Bruud (known by the Draconis as the Island of Trials) the dragons would help turn the tide by surrounding Reese’s forces in a valley resulting in their surrender, but Reese escaped. Marcus tracked him to the Tomb of the Ancients where a fierce battle ensued. After what seemed like an eternity, the battle neared an end when Marcus sliced Reese’s hand off with his greatsword the Dragon’s Fang and forced him to surrender. Just as Marcus lifted his sword to release Reese, Reese blindsided Marcus with a spell sending him sprawling. As a reaction Marcus flung his sword at Reese jamming it in his neck thus killing him and ending the Purification War. Although the war seemed like a grudge between two strong egos, it proved detrimental to the Draconis’ old ways and the Code.

LordChancellor Marcus

By 87 TC, Marcus restored the old system of government and was elected LordChancellor. He then reorganized the Draconis by allowing only eight Draconis warriors to exist at any time along with one apprentice each. All of the fallen Draconis were excommunicated but allowed to remain in the kingdom. He also set up the rudimentary army of fighters, mages, and clerics. He ordered the construction of full-fledged temples to the elemental gods and the minor gods…especially Chatalize. Marcus and his family lived out his days in Newholm in high honor. He welcomed travel and trade with the “Old” Kingdoms and returned to the kingdoms whenever there was a great need for him. In the year 111 TC, 5 years after his wife’s death, Marcus disappeared, never to be heard from again. He left his famous sword, the Dragon’s Fang, behind with a note indicating his relinquishment of the title LordChancellor & that he has gone in search of his last adventure.



Marcus married his long time sweetheart Katarina Beloche in 77 TC.

Marcus’s Children

Marissa LeGris-Savangion

Aurus LeGris

Tannis LeGris