The Continent of New Skos

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The Kingdom of New Skos

Ancient and powerful, New Skos was settled immediately following the fall of Skos. Once that land had sunk beneath the waves, the fleet of the Emerald Queen scattered, carrying the folk of Skos to all corners of the World. Many of them landed on the islands of New Skos.

There was powerful magic here - the destruction of Skos and Naduum had fundamentally reshaped the powers of magic and the elements. More than anywhere in the world, the settlers of New Skos tapped into these forces, erecting powerful magical defenses to thwart the children of Naduum.

New Skos is forever shrouded in a mist, which baffles approaching ships. This is said to be the least of the magical wonders of this ancient and mysterious land.

New Skos

Renowned New Skosians

New Skosian Culture

Settlements of New Skos

The New Skosian Military

New Skosian Geography